Bash Utilities In Powershell

Replacing common bash utilities in PowerShell

Whats the first thing coming to mind when seeing a command line? For most people it is Linux, be it Ubuntu, Debian or RedHat. And it is completely understandable. A big part of our industry has a background in Linux and sees it as the superior system for quick scripts and the like. In this series I want to challenge this notion. PowerShell can compete with, an in some cases outperform, the quick scripts and common daily tasks done in Linux shells. [Read More]

Vmware Tools Copy Files


Copy To Guest

$vm = Get-VM -Name TEST
Get-Item "X:\yourfile.txt" | Copy-VMGuestFile -Destination "c:\temp" -VM $vm -LocalToGuest -GuestUser "Administrator" -GuestPassword "Pa$$w0rd"

Copy From Guest

$vm = Get-VM -Name TEST
Copy-VMGuestFile -Source c:\yourfile.txt -Destination c:\temp\ -VM $vm -GuestToLocal -GuestUser "Administrator" -GuestPassword "Pa$$w0rd"

vCenter Cert Bundle

Errors connecting to vCenter or any ESXi server in the cluster without certificate errors?

  • Get CA cert from the vCenter: wget https://{{ YOUR VCENTER }}/certs/ --no-check-certificate
  • Install where required

VMware KB