Hy-Fit App by Tenswall no longer working

This is somewhere between a rant about the app and backing services no longer working, a collection of information I could find out about it and a possible search-result for others facing the same issues and not really finding anything online just like me.

Update: March 2023

The company seems to no longer exist.

I have switched to the eufy smart scales, which are made by Anker, a reputable manufacturer.

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The situation

  • My Tenswall smart scale, model number TZ280 pairs with an app called Hy-Fit, this app stopped working after 08. January 2023.
  • The newer model of the scale, is still sold on Amazon, and the advertised app Tenswall Fit is not listed in the AppStore either or working on Android judging by it’s reviews. Judging by the reviews it has the same issues.
  • From what I can tell their smart picture frames are most likely not working anymore too.

What I could find out

  • Any and all apps published by the company behind Hy-Fit, called Tenswall, are no longer available on the iOS AppStore. Links to the Hy-Fit app I could find lead to “this app is no longer available” messages in the AppStore.
  • In the Google Play Store the app is still listed and can presumably be downloaded, I have no Android device to verify that. Multiple reviews from January 2023 state that the app is no longer working, same situation I had on iOS.
  • None of their websites (A-Records) associated with their domain tensorwall.com respond to any kind of request on any kind of usefull port.
  • Their support address support@tensorwall.com is not a valid address with their mail provider and bounces back as undeliverable. I found the address app@tenswall.com and sent a message there on 2023-01-12, it seems to have been delivered.
  • The Amazon listing is still available, but can no longer be ordered. I left a review linking to this post.