About me

I'm Marco Kamner, a pragmatic DevOps engineer & indie hacker, working with Python, IaC & other great tools to build tech that makes sense

If you want to work with me just get in touch or book a free 30-Minute consulting call! I’m always open to new & interesting opportunities.


My interests range widely but are somewhat confined to the technology sphere.

  • Technology pragmatism is one of the guiding principles I have chosen for myself
  • Infrastructure As Code is something I quite enjoy as a principal and aim to implement in most projects if it makes sense
  • Writing is something I enjoyed for a while and do in public since 2020. Technical posts, tutorials & end user documentation - I enjoy writing it all!
  • Home Automation: I love to automate things in my home with HomeKit and Home Assistant
  • Indie developers & makers fascinate me on so many levels and I try to keep up with latest developments in the space
  • Realistic health and sport for working people is something I spend time thinking about to better my own well-being
  • In recent years I started hiking, which I try to track here

Tools & Technologies

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the tools & technologies I worked with, but it’s some of the ones I enjoyed the most.


It is my daily automation driver and first choice for anything from quick proof-of-concept scripts to large scale backend operations. It runs most of my personal daily automations and event based logic in small function-as-a-service scenarios.

I’m also comfortable with Django and Flask to build more complex web-app things.

The basic web stack

I have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS, but am lacking in the area of JavaScript. Most of what I do is either static rendered sites like this one with Hugo, plain HTML served with NGINX or server-side rendered content with Django or Flask.

In a pinch I’m also happy to hack something together with PHP every once in a while.


YAML, agent-less, automation - there is no other three word combination that makes me happier.

I’ve used it in completely new projects, challenging legacy infrastructure and situations where challenging doesn’t even cut it to manage both Linux and Windows hosts as well as cloud services.


Git is my version control of choice and whenever I have the chance I will use GitLab and it’s great CI/CD tooling to make life simpler.

Personally I use their great SaaS offering but I have experience running 200+ user deployments on premise including runners on container clusters, Linux and Windows hosts.

Where Code Runs

In the end code needs to run somewhere - Containers & Kubernetes is where it’s at in my day job, so I’m quite comfortable with it.

For personal projects I’m more drawn towards virtual machines managed through Ansible on DigitalOcean or experimenting with function-as-a-service environments.

Kustomize & other IaC tools

In the K8s world I enjoy using tools like Kustomize, Helm and others where they make the most sense.

(Last modified on 2024-06-10)