Being a good code reviewee

Things I do to be a good code reviewee.

Preparing code for review

  • Linting & Testing

    Run any linting and testing solution the code base has and make sure everything is as good as before or better. If this happens in CI pipelines create the Merge Request/Pull Request as early as possible, way before actually inviting a reviewer.

  • Do a review yourself

    Do something else for a bit, then open the Merge Request and do a review of it as you would someone elses change.

  • Describe the change

    Give a short, concise, description about what this change achieves and why it does it the way it does. If there were some either or decisions involved describe why you choose what you did.

    If it is a big or complex change, like a completely new feature, it can be beneficial to walk through it with the reviewer on a call.

  • Cleanup the Merge Request and invite the reviewer

During the review

  • Try and answer questions by the reviewer timely
  • Bundle multiple code fixes into one commit to minimize workload (and notification spam) for the reviewer

After the review

  • Have a look at how the change behaves once merged and deployed