About me

I'm Marco Kamner, a pragmatic DevOps engineer & indie hacker, working with Python, IaC & other great tools to build tech that makes sense

If you want to work with me just get in touch or book a free 30-Minute consulting call! I’m always open to new & interesting opportunities. Interests My interests range widely but are somewhat confined to the technology sphere. Technology pragmatism is one of the guiding principles I have chosen for myself Infrastructure As Code is something I quite enjoy as a principal and aim to implement in most projects if it makes sense Writing is something I enjoyed for a while and do in public since 2020. [Read More]

My projects

A list of my products and side projects

mkamner/containers (2023-12 - today) A set of pre-built ready to use containers for common use cases. Check it out on GitLab evil.marco.ninja (2023-10 - today) Originally built for a blog post I plan to add more examples of “evil” web server behavior over time. Check it out tech playground (2023-07 - today) A playground that runs different tools, like nginx and HAProxy, with your config on real servers, a bit like CodePen for server tech. [Read More]