Benefits of running your own server

In the world of technology, we are moving further and further away from operating directly on servers, but there are still significant benefits to be gained from running a personal server.

I have been running some kind of personal server for many years now and I strongly believe anyone working in technology can benefit greatly from doing so. Here’s why:

Back to basics

Operating your own server requires a solid foundation in the basics of networking, security, and system administration. These are the fundamental skills that any technologist should have, regardless of their specific area of expertise. By running your own server, you are forced to develop and maintain these skills.

Know something of everything

Running a server also requires a broad understanding of the entire technology stack. You need to know how to configure and deploy applications, how to set up and maintain databases, and how to monitor and troubleshoot performance issues.

In addition you are responsible for all aspects of its operation, including things like backups, monitoring, and security. These are tasks that are often taken care of by different departments in a workplace, but when you run your own server, you have to do it all yourself.

This kind of broad understanding can be essential for making informed decisions about architecture and design in your day-to-day work.

Operating in production

Operating your own server also provides valuable experience in running production systems. This is something that is often hard to come by in a development or testing environment. Running your own server gives you the opportunity to learn about scalability, redundancy, and high availability, all in a real-world setting.

Handling incidents

Finally, incidents are always a great way to learn new things. When you run your own server, there’s no one else to fix it when something goes wrong. This can be stressful, but it’s also an incredible learning opportunity. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot issues, fix problems quickly, and prevent them from happening again in the future.


In conclusion, running your own server can be a great way to build a broad understanding of technology, develop critical skills, and gain experience in operating production systems. It’s also a great way to learn how to handle incidents and keep your skills sharp.

So if you’re looking for a new challenge or just want to expand your knowledge, consider running your own server.


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