Bash Utilities In Powershell

Replacing common bash utilities in PowerShell

Whats the first thing coming to mind when seeing a command line?

For most people it is Linux, be it Ubuntu, Debian or RedHat. And it is completely understandable. A big part of our industry has a background in Linux and sees it as the superior system for quick scripts and the like.

whoami with bash

In this series I want to challenge this notion. PowerShell can compete with, an in some cases outperform, the quick scripts and common daily tasks done in Linux shells.

whoami with powershell

My goal is for everyone to learn something new about PowerShell they can can do by heart in Bash or didn’t even know was possible on the command line.

My goal is to publish a short piece about a Linux utility weekly. Outlining it’s use on Linux, the possible alternatives in PowerShell and notable differences between them.

On less regular intervals I want to take bigger topics, like working with dates or files, and cover them in a more in depth post.

If you are interested in a specific utility or topic I should cover you are welcome to shoot me a quick message on Twitter or by mail!

This is a multi part series, read more.

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