Hello World

Who am I and what to expect on this blog

$arguments = @{
  Name = "mkamner"
  FullName = "Marco Kamner"
  Description = "Automate all the things!"
  Password = $mySecret
New-LocalUser @arguments

My Work

On days I work at a medium sized cloud provider in germany.

My history is in Windows Server and Exchange Administration but I have since transitioned to designing and implementing automation and wrangling data from one place to the other - commonly referred to as reporting.

In my free time I dabble my feet in Python and the Django Framework, various OpenSource Projects and go bicycle riding.

Beyond all of that I founded my own company with my dad where we work on getting german companies into the cloud.

How I See Myself

Over the last years I transitioned from being a classic “google and click” sysadmin to learning about and actually appreciating the windows eco-system. With it’s PowerShell I transitioned from classic sysadmin work to automating basically everything.

You may call me DevOps - and that ma be accurate in our current state of the industry. However, for me this is a basic part of working in IT.

If you don’t interact with the business, developers and everyone else in the business how could you ever provide value to them?

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