Interactive Containers Cheatsheet

Most of these should work the same with any OCI compliant client. Tested with podman and docker, unless otherwise indicated.

# Run container interactively
podman run -it IMAGE:TAG SHELL

# With auto removing the container on exit
podman run -it --rm IMAGE:TAG SHELL

# With current working dir mounted to container
podman run -it -v ${PWD}:/tmp/host-dir/ IMAGE:TAG SHELL

# Detaching from the interactive session
# Keybinding: Ctrl+P, then Ctrl+Q

# Attaching to a container
podman attach "ID OR NAME"

1Password CLI Cheatsheet

The 1Password CLI op works either in connection with a client app, like on the Mac, or standalone, useful on a server.

# Login
eval $(op signin)

# Get favorites
op item list --vault "Private" --favorite

# Get a specific item
op item get <ID>

# !! Important: Sign out at the end
op signout

Some helper functions

Helpers to more easily work with the op cli.

1login() {
    eval $(op signin)

alias 1signout="op signout"

1search() {
    if [ -n "$2" ]
    echo "Searching for '$term' in vaut '$vault'"
    op item list --vault "$vault" --long | grep "$term" --ignore-case

1get() {
    op item get $*