My home office setup: 2023 edition

Since I spend more than 8 hours here most days I created a nice setup for myself. Thankfully I have a whole room just for my home office, so I take full advantage of that.

Besides my main desk I have a secondary desk, a couch, a couple of sideboards, a wall mounted whiteboard and a couple of shelves to display all the techy and nerdy things.

Main desk

My main desk is a custom build based on a FlexiSpot height adjustable electric frame. The tabletop is a 180x80x2.5cm pressed wood panel in a dark gray concrete look.

My two main screens, a couple of 24" DELL U2417H, are mounted on a monitor arm screwed into the desk to get the right height and preserve desk space. On top of one of them I have also mounted some random little HD webcam I bought when Covid started.

Off to the right another monitor arm is fixed to the desk holding my two main computers on notebook trays, my own MacBook Pro 16" 2021 and a Windows-based notebook from my employer.

Thanks to this setup my MacBook becomes my third screen at just the right height to actually use it.

Below the screens there is an assortment of random and sometimes useful things, from pens and paper to fidget toys. One item I want to highlight here is the original FidgetCube by Antsy Lab I backed on Kickstarter a long time ago, it is among the oldest item in daily use on my desk.

Besides an ancient pair of Logitech office speakers, wired to my dock I also have a singular HomePod Mini, mostly for HomeKit interaction or streaming from my iPhone from time to time.

But usually most of my audio goes through my beyerdynamic MMX 300 headset, the reigning champion of old items, I bought it back in 2015 with my first ever tech job money.

To wire all of it together I use a CalDigit USB-C Pro Dock and an additional desk mounted USB 3.2 hub, mostly for my external TimeMachine SSD and having some accessible USB ports.

In addition there is a cable tray mounted to the underside of the table, where all the power and excess cables are crammed into.

Secondary desk

This is a frankenstein-desk made from parts of my previous desk, mostly because I had the space and could do it.

It is equipped with a 16" HP monitor and all the cables you could ever need to connect to it, power and the network. From time to time it gets used when someone visits or I set up a customers computer, but most of the time it is mostly additional storage space.

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