My hiking kit: 2023 edition

These days I enjoy hiking quite a lot. To make it easier to just “pick up the pack and go” I created two basic packs that are optimized for my needs and the environment I’m usually hiking in, the Swabian Alps.


I have some basics I duplicated and carry in both my packs, these are:

  • Pen & paper
  • Multitool
  • Mini first aid kit in a ziploc bag
    • Paracetamol
    • Band aids
    • Gel sanitizer
  • Foam pad
  • Waterproof poncho
  • A bit of cash, usually around 20-30€ these days
  • A piece of paper with my and my emergency contacts information
  • Fisherman’s Friend for a fresh feeling and honestly because my parents had them when we were hiking

Prepared packs

Small pack

I’m currently using a Terra Peak Flex 20l in red for my smaller backpack. It’s a nice size for shorter hikes and fits me well.

Usually I just add water bottles and food to this one before hiking with it.

Medium pack

I’m currently using a Quechua NH500 30 in blue and brown for my larger backpack. It’s honestly oversized for most hikes I do, but I like it especially at times with unclear or changing weather conditions since it allows me to carry some extra clothing.

When I go hiking with it I usually add water bottles and food first and then pack all the clothing I either want to bring or may want to take off on the hike and try to fit them in once.

Food, liquids & nice things


I have an assortment of different SIGG bottles and I can highly recommend the brand, they literally last for generations when kept clean. I usually just mix and match the different sizes to what I expect to need based on weather and hiking time estimates.

When it gets colder around here I sometimes pack tea in a thermos, though I’m still looking for that perfect thermos that doesn’t leak, stays reasonably warm and isn’t too big.


Like a true german I use mostly Tupperware to store and transport my food while hiking. They are great quality and the specific Maxi-Twin set I use fits into each other seamlessly for additional room in the pack once emptied.

Nice things

I often pack a beer or radler for either the summit or lunch time. I pre-chill this in the freezer the day before the hike and carry it in a neoprene bottle sleeve.


Since I’ve lost a lot of weight my clothing situation is a bit weird in 2023.

My base layer is usually active wear underwear or a t-shirt combined with a short sleeve “Wanderhemd” hiking shirt and some hiking trowsers.

Recently I have taken to wearing hats again, so either a felt or straw hat is usually part of it, depending on the temperature.

I mostly wear HEAD Performance socks but I’m looking to make the switch to wool socks by next year.

When weather conditions require it I have an assortment of outdoor-wear jackets that I can choose from, though most are either too big or too small right now. I also have gloves, and some caps if it gets really cold.


Since my usual trails aren’t in the mountains I often wear trekking shoes and boots instead of proper hiking boots.

Currently my favorite is a Landrover trekking boot and, for hiking in the mountains, my CMP hiking boots.

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