My home office setup: 2023 edition

Since I spend more than 8 hours here most days I created a nice setup for myself. Thankfully I have a whole room just for my home office, so I take full advantage of that. Besides my main desk I have a secondary desk, a couch, a couple of sideboards, a wall mounted whiteboard and a couple of shelves to display all the techy and nerdy things. Main desk My main desk is a custom build based on a FlexiSpot height adjustable electric frame. [Read More]

My hiking kit: 2023 edition

These days I enjoy hiking quite a lot. To make it easier to just “pick up the pack and go” I created two basic packs that are optimized for my needs and the environment I’m usually hiking in, the Swabian Alps. Basics I have some basics I duplicated and carry in both my packs, these are: Pen & paper Multitool Mini first aid kit in a ziploc bag Paracetamol Band aids Gel sanitizer Foam pad Waterproof poncho A bit of cash, usually around 20-30€ these days A piece of paper with my and my emergency contacts information Fisherman’s Friend for a fresh feeling and honestly because my parents had them when we were hiking Prepared packs Small pack I’m currently using a Terra Peak Flex 20l in red for my smaller backpack. [Read More]

A list of interesting things

This is a list of interesting blog posts, talks and such things that I found over the years. Some of them may teach you something relevant, some may just further your general understanding of tech. From personal experience they can lead you down the rabbit hole really fast, enjoy with care! Talks Why web tech is like this by Steve Sanderson Learning from Disaster by Ian Hughes Failure is Always an Option by Dylan Beattie Architecture: The Stuff That’s Hard to Change by Dylan Beattie Computational Creativity by Dylan Beattie How I built Rockstar: Parsing esoteric languages with . [Read More]

Publish new post checklist

This is my checklist for publishing a new post on my blog:


  • Finalize the posts name and sluggify it
  • Pick a image if fitting
  • Create a new post with hugo new content/posts/<slug of post>.md
  • Move the draft from my current writing tool to this new file
  • Fill in the generated front matter template
  • If the post is ~1.000+ words enable the TOC
  • Run spell-check in VSCode and fix things


  • Run local hugo server hugo server -bind=
  • Wait at least an hour
  • Open the locally served page on the iPad, grab a cup of tea and read it
  • Make last changes and typo fixes as needed
  • Place a `
[Read More]

Going Part Time

(Re)starting my indie journey

Starting on the first of March 2022 I no longer work full-time in my day job. That sentence has been about a year in the making and makes me both happy and a bit scared about the future. I have been doing some side-hustle and projects since I’ve been 16 building websites with my dad, so you could say it has been a long time coming. Right now I have set myself three mid-term goals to build up something that brings me joy and financial independence. [Read More]


My first ever product

As part of my goal to write a book I began looking at how to build a following and where to sell the book once it’s finished. On this journey I found Gumroad, a great place to sell digital products. Given my idea to sell a comprehensive library of code snippets besides the actual book I took a look at existing integrations between it and, my preferred git host. [Read More]

Looking back at 2020, Four Months Of Blogging

A look back on four months of blogging and engaging the PowerShell community

The year is coming to an end, with all its ups and downs 2020 surely was challenging to say the least. I wanted to take this time to openly reflect on my first couple months of blogging and what the future holds for PS> $firstPost = Get-Date -Year 2020 -Month 09 -Day 13 PS> $latestPost = Get-Date -Year 2020 -Month 12 -Day 22 PS> New-TimeSpan $firstPost $latestPost | Select-Object Days Days ---- 100 So, how are things going? [Read More]

My Stand On Affiliate Links

What I think about affiliate links

Lets talk about affiliate links for a moment. TLDR: I will use affiliate links where it is possible for me, which isn’t often to be honest. Lets dig into it, starting with some basic assumptions I am making: Most of my posts are technical content where I do not recommend any products or services, so there are no opportunities for affiliate links to begin with In posts where I reference a product or service I do so because I think it is great and I really want to recommend it There are no negative effects for the reader when using my affiliate links There are benefits for me when you use the affiliate link, either monetary or in credit with the service - This helps me keep this blog up and running for everyone to benefit Given those assumptions I don’t see any reason why I should not use affiliate links. [Read More]