Technology I use on a daily basis or in many of my projects.

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My preferred minimalistic CSS framework, which is usually enough for small websites and even simple SaaS apps. It feels like a super power to write almost plain HTML and get something that looks presentable, supports dark mode and has just enough components to cover most use cases for me.

CLI fuzzy search

I often whish to search through large bodies of text, like my knowledge base or source code repositories, from the command line.

I use fuz for this and I’m quite happy with it.

I also have it aliased to my knowledge base folder for even easier searching.

alias search="fuz -p /path/to/knowledge-base/"


Go check out their website, it’s incredibly good at explaining itself.

To me, a backend heavy developer, HTMX is the frontend framework I like to use because:

  • It does not feel like a JavaScript framework at all, but more like an extension of the HTTP/HTML model
  • It allows me to write interfaces that feel responsive and modern to users while still doing all the heavy lifting in my backend with the tools I’m used to
  • It works with my mental model, which is heavily based on the request-response cycle

My home office setup: 2023 edition

Since I spend more than 8 hours here most days I created a nice setup for myself. Thankfully I have a whole room just for my home office, so I take full advantage of that. Besides my main desk I have a secondary desk, a couch, a couple of sideboards, a wall mounted whiteboard and a couple of shelves to display all the techy and nerdy things. Main desk My main desk is a custom build based on a FlexiSpot height adjustable electric frame. [Read More]

Renovate Bot

My tool of choice for doing dependency maintenance/update type of stuff for both [[infrastructure-as-code]] and [[software-projects]]


My preferred git server and CI/CD system, either or self-hosted.


A good way to pull in external dependencies into Kubernetes For writing my own manifests I prefer to use Kustomize.


A incredibly powerful tool for manipulating the heaps of JSON files and responses I interact with daily.

A lot of times I also use ijq1 instead, which is a interactive version of jq.


I have run and am still running loads of Kubernetes clusters, mostly on-premise.


My prefered tool for writing and provisioning home-built manifests to [[kubernetes]]


My operating system of choice on the client, usually on a MacBook Pro.


PowerShell holds a special place in my heart as it was the first ever tool I dived into deeply and used to automate my daily work.

To this day it runs a bunch of fundamental automations in my life.


These days Python is my language of choice for both simple scripts and more complex backend applications, usually in combination with [[django]]