My Stand On Affiliate Links

What I think about affiliate links

Lets talk about affiliate links for a moment.

TLDR: I will use affiliate links where it is possible for me, which isn’t often to be honest.

Lets dig into it, starting with some basic assumptions I am making:

  • Most of my posts are technical content where I do not recommend any products or services, so there are no opportunities for affiliate links to begin with
  • In posts where I reference a product or service I do so because I think it is great and I really want to recommend it
  • There are no negative effects for the reader when using my affiliate links
  • There are benefits for me when you use the affiliate link, either monetary or in credit with the service - This helps me keep this blog up and running for everyone to benefit

Given those assumptions I don’t see any reason why I should not use affiliate links. If this goes against your personal opinion and leads to you not using any of my links this is totally fine by me.

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