Looking back at 2020, Four Months Of Blogging

A look back on four months of blogging and engaging the PowerShell community

The year is coming to an end, with all its ups and downs 2020 surely was challenging to say the least. I wanted to take this time to openly reflect on my first couple months of blogging and what the future holds for ps1.guru

PS> $firstPost = Get-Date -Year 2020 -Month 09 -Day 13
PS> $latestPost = Get-Date -Year 2020 -Month 12 -Day 22
PS> New-TimeSpan $firstPost $latestPost | Select-Object Days


So, how are things going?

Well, it surely didn’t go the way I anticipated - but the new direction seems far more interesting then I could have ever imagined!

Planned Goals

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.

  • Allen Saunders

With that said I think I didn’t do to bad with the goals I set myself.

  • Openly committing to writing a book

    That one started out great and I wrote a piece on how I decided what to write about. But from there I got stuck a bit, writers-block you may call it.

    As of December 2020 there has, sadly, not been to much progress on this, effectively I have written the detailed outline and introductions to some of the chapters - 517 words to be precise.

  • Publish my learnings

    Since starting I published eight technical posts and three so called snippets, lower quality posts explaining a specific code snippet I wrote and open-sourced.

    From where I stand this counts as a total success, as my goal was to publish one post per month, which I totally did and then some.


Now this is where it got more interesting than I could ever have planned.

  • Series: Bash Utilities In PowerShell

    This is, with absolute certainty, the idea that got me to write so much more posts. As I stated in the original post my goal for this is for everyone to learn something new about PowerShell they can can do by heart in Bash or didn’t even know was possible on the command line.

    This where some of my best received posts since starting this blog and I intend to keep up the work helping people to better understand and use PowerShell.

  • Open Source Scripts Repo

    This may come as a no-brainer to many, but before starting this blog I had not been involved in the PowerShell community much to even consider this idea. Looking back it was probably long overdue, I profited of many open source scripts over the years, and now I’m finally giving back something.

Initially I wanted to see how this project plays out for a while before investing heavily into it, but my dad finally convinced me to start taking this more seriously in november.

Therefore I got this great logo designed by the talented H-H Arts over on DesignCrowd

Buy Me A Coffee

In late november I thought about the sustainability of doing this blog, through a recent arrangements with the great folks over at ScriptRunner I have something going that will keep this blog going for the foreseeable future.

But I wanted to diversify a bit and give people the opportunity to support my work directly. This is where Buy Me A Coffee came in, if you want to you can support my work through it and ensure I can keep creating great content. As a thank you you will be notified about all new posts & scripts I publish by mail.

In the future I plan to experiment with exclusive posts or one-on-one consulting sessions through the platform. Until then you are more than welcome to shoot me a quick mail or message me on Twitter if this is something you are interested in.


This will be my first full year of blogging and I intend to pull through strong.

  • My series Bash Utilities In PowerShell will definitely continue as I have a lot of command line utilities to go through
  • I will open source more and more of my scripts, this may take some time to get them cleaned up and documented
  • Ansible related content will become a regular occurrence as I am working to automate many things around Windows with it
  • Engaging with the community will be another focus for the upcoming year, giving back wherever I can

Thank you to everyone who joined me on this wild ride or helped me along the way!

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