Going Part Time

(Re)starting my indie journey

Starting on the first of March 2022 I no longer work full-time in my day job.

That sentence has been about a year in the making and makes me both happy and a bit scared about the future.

I have been doing some side-hustle and projects since I’ve been 16 building websites with my dad, so you could say it has been a long time coming.

Right now I have set myself three mid-term goals to build up something that brings me joy and financial independence.

DevOps Consulting

I want to use my skills to provide DevOps/infrastructure consulting for SaaS businesses.

If you want to work with me check out marco.ninja for a free first call, I’m still experimenting with the details there, so let’s see what works together.

B2C Product

Finishing building a B2C product for capturing stories from your friends and family on the german market.

This idea has been in my head on and off for about a year and I will finally have the time to finish development and invest some time in taking it off the ground.

Something New!

I intentionally left some time open for something completely new I don’t yet know about.

So if you have an interesting project you would like to work on together hit me up.

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