Publish new post checklist

This is my checklist for publishing a new post on my blog:


  • Finalize the posts name and sluggify it
  • Pick a image if fitting
  • Create a new post with hugo new content/posts/<slug of post>.md
  • Move the draft from my current writing tool to this new file
  • Fill in the generated front matter template
  • If the post is ~1.000+ words enable the TOC
  • Run spell-check in VSCode and fix things


  • Run local hugo server hugo server -bind=
  • Wait at least an hour
  • Open the locally served page on the iPad, grab a cup of tea and read it
  • Make last changes and typo fixes as needed
  • Place a `

` comment to get a good and readable preview in lists on the page (no code blocks, etc)


  • git commit & git push
  • Wait for CI to publish the post
  • Write a pitch-line for social posts
  • Open the post on the live page at and check that it looks alright
  • Submit post to be indexed by Google in the search console
  • Post the link to Twitter and LinkedIn with the pitch-line
  • Copy the post source to, set the cannonical URL to point to me and publish


Dear future Marco, you’re probably thinking I could automate most of this!. And while you probably could, please keep this in mind:

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