My hiking kit: 2023 edition

These days I enjoy hiking quite a lot. To make it easier to just “pick up the pack and go” I created two basic packs that are optimized for my needs and the environment I’m usually hiking in, the Swabian Alps. Basics I have some basics I duplicated and carry in both my packs, these are: Pen & paper Multitool Mini first aid kit in a ziploc bag Paracetamol Band aids Gel sanitizer Foam pad Waterproof poncho A bit of cash, usually around 20-30€ these days A piece of paper with my and my emergency contacts information Fisherman’s Friend for a fresh feeling and honestly because my parents had them when we were hiking Prepared packs Small pack I’m currently using a Terra Peak Flex 20l in red for my smaller backpack. [Read More]

yamllint error: "invalid config: ignore should contain file patterns"

Setting up a new repository for YAML linting today I was running in a bit of an issue with yamllint. I was using a YAML list to specify ingores, as mentioned in the documentation: ignore: - "*.dont-lint-me.yaml" - "/bin/" - "!/bin/*.lint-me-anyway.yaml" This however did not work with the above mentioned error message. After a lot of debugging I found that they released a new version recently which introduced this feature. [Read More]

Hy-Fit App by Tenswall no longer working

This is somewhere between a rant about the app and backing services no longer working, a collection of information I could find out about it and a possible search-result for others facing the same issues and not really finding anything online just like me. Update: March 2023 The company seems to no longer exist. I have switched to the eufy smart scales, which are made by Anker, a reputable manufacturer. [Read More]

WSL2 & Keychain

The problem

If you use ssh-agent with an encrypted ssh key it does not persist when you open a new terminal window.

The solution

Use keychain instead.

  1. Install
    sudo apt install keychain
  2. Add to your shells rc file, eg. .bashrc or .zshrc
    # Repeat this line for all keys you want to unlock and use this way
    /usr/bin/keychain -q --nogui $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa
    source $HOME/.keychain/wsl-sh
  3. Unlock your keys on shell startup and enjoy
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My Tools

Tools I use and recommend. Extremely simple and affordable website publishing, I use it for landing pages and quick MVPs DigitalOcean My first choice for personal servers and simple MVP deployments with their App Platform My go-to git-server and allrounder CI/CD, both on premise in the enterprise and in the cloud for my own projects PythonAnywhere They provide a great service, best described as a PHP-webspace, but for Python [Read More]

A list of interesting things

This is a list of interesting blog posts, talks and such things that I found over the years. Some of them may teach you something relevant, some may just further your general understanding of tech. From personal experience they can lead you down the rabbit hole really fast, enjoy with care! Talks Why web tech is like this by Steve Sanderson Learning from Disaster by Ian Hughes Failure is Always an Option by Dylan Beattie Architecture: The Stuff That’s Hard to Change by Dylan Beattie Computational Creativity by Dylan Beattie How I built Rockstar: Parsing esoteric languages with . [Read More]